What should an application

What should an application for a change of the type approval decision or a change of the type approval decision with restrictions include?

  1. name of the manufacturer of a measuring instrument, its registered office and address;
  2. correspondence address, if different from the address referred to in item 1;
  3. Tax Identification Number, if applicable;
  4. number in the Business Register (number in the National Court Register or in the business activity register), if applicable;
  5. identification data of the type of measuring instrument;
  6. name and trademark of the measuring instrument, if applicable;
  7. identification data of the decision to be changed;
  8. an indication of the scope of the requested changes together with the justification.
  9. a list of annexes;
  10. date and place of preparing the application;
  11. signature of the applicant.

The application shall be made in Polish, or it shall be attached a translation into Polish made by a certified translator and shall be addressed to the President of the Central Office of Measures.

To the application shall be attached documentation of modifications introduced to the measuring instrument or new elements added to the instrument which affect or may affect measurement results, conditions for proper use or technical conditions of use of this instrument.

The applicant shall present a copy of the measuring instrument representing modified type and its elements, additional devices and additional equipment, if the President of Central Office of Measures asks the applicant to submit them.

In case of other documents attached to the application shall apply according to the regulations related to documents for type approval application.

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