Time and Frequency

Time and Frequency

Published by: Kamila Szulc


Maintenance of the national standard of time and frequency units.
Generation of the Polish atomic time scale UTC (PL) and determining the official time of the Republic of Poland.
Participation in the creation of international atomic time scales TAI  and  UTC.
Generation and transmission of acoustic time signals to Polish Radio, maintaining of official time servers and TDS system for distribution of national  time.
Development and improvement of time transfer, maintaining atomic time scales and results analysis of atomic comparisons of time  and  frequency standards.
Conducting research and development concerning the national standard of time and frequency units and related measurement stations.
Transmission of reference frequency signals to other laboratories within  Central  Office  of Measures.
National collaboration and comparisons in the creation of the independent Polish Atomic Time Scale TA (PL).



  1. Calibrations:
  • high stability frequency standards,
  • frequency generators and synthesizers,
  • digital time and frequency counters,
  • clock testers (digital, analog and digital-analog),
  • second counters and timers – controlled electrically, optically, acoustically,
  • quartz and analog clocks,
  • phase calibrators and phase meters.

       2. Expertises:

  • sources and counters of groups of pulses.

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