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Time and Length Department


  • Maintenance of the national measurement standards for length, plane angle, refractive index and optical rotation;
  • Ensuring traceabilty in the field of length, plane angle, refractometry and polarymetry;
  • Performing the research in the field of light frequency of stabilised lasers, measurements of length, plane angle, surface texture parameters, refractive index and optical rotation;
  • Performing tests and checks for the needs of legal metrological control, conformity assessment and type approval;
  • Organizing and taking part in national and international comparisons.


  1. Calibration of:
  • stabilised lasers,
  • gauge blocks,
  • laser distance meters,
  • optical flats,
  • ring and plug gauges (internal and external cylinders),
  • 1-D measuring machines,
  • mechanical comparators for gauge blocks,
  • optical polygons, angle gauges, rotary tables, goniometers,
  • photoelectric autocollimators, electronic levels,
  • visual and photoelectric refractometers,
  • solid and liquid refractive index standards,
  • photoelectric polarimeters,
  • quartz control plates (polarimetric standards),
  • straightness and roundness standards,
  • tapes (rigid, semi rigid),
  • precision line scales and stage micrometres,
  • hardness measuring instruments, including reference blocks according to the hardness scales: Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers,
  • diamond indenters.
  1. Expertise of instruments and stands for:
  • taximeters verification,
  • tachographs checks,
  • verification of devices for measuring the speed of vehicles in traffic control.
  1. Manufacturing of the certified reference materials
  • glycerol,
  • sucrose.

Search and Development

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Contact to the Department: phone: +48 22 581 95 43,
Contact to Laboratories:

  • Length – phone: +48 22 581 93 32
  • Precise Geometric Measurement – phone: +48 22 581 95 07
  • Time and Frequency – phone: +48 22 581 91 56
  • Hardness - phone: +48 581 92 06
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