Industry Support Laboratory

Industry Support Laboratory

Published by: Kamila Szulc

Industry Support Laboratory has competences in areas related to:


- digitalization of metrological technology and services,

- application of computer science in metrology,

- certification tests of register registers and software of measuring instruments,

- use of artificial intelligence in metrological applications,

- use of modern and precise machining technologies in metrology,

- development of interdisciplinary metrology areas.


Our tasks include:

certification testing of register registers,

testing of software of measuring instruments in the field of ICT security,

research and development work on digital technologies and metrological cyber-security,

development of metrological software,

design and execution work on mechanical components of measuring instruments,

conducting development work on interdisciplinary applications of metrology.


  • Digital Technology Development Support Section
  • New Technologies Support Section
  • Metrology Development Support Section


Contact to the Laboratory:

tel.: 22 581 93 93,

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