Consultative Metrology Teams

Consultative Metrology Teams

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

As an important partner in the industry – science – administration relation, GUM has engaged into dialogue with external economic, expert, scientific and research circles, appointing Consultative Metrology Teams (KZM) and Consultative Assay Committee (CAC) in 2016. Such an activity fits very well into the GUM innovative strategy, one of the main goal of which, is to increase the quality and usefulness of the Polish NMI for entrepreneurs, scientific institutions and citizens.

The main goal of the Consultative Metrology Teams (KZM) is to identify the needs of domestic industry related to measurement technologies and to support it in solving metrological issues, as well as to offer appropriate regulatory changes in law concerning selected groups of measuring instruments and systems important for economy and in particular for technical security of the State, healthcare, environmental protection and proper trade in precious metal products.

The scope of issues of Consultative Teams was designed taking into account the substantial role played by accurate measurements in such sectors of the economy as industry, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, environment or market. Consultative Teams have been officially established in the field of:

healthcare (,

energy (,

technologies and industrial processes (,

infrastructure and special applications (,

environment and climate change (,

market regulation (,

assay (

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