Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality policy of the Central Office of Measures is established by its Management. Quality policy is being realized on all levels of management hierarchy and its usefulness is apprised by the Management during management reviews.

The Central Office of Measures acting as the National Measurement Institute appointed to assure mutual conformation and required accuracy of the results of mensurations carried on in Poland and their conformity with the international measurement system, operates in this field to support reliability of mensurations in all spheres of the public life of the country and in particularly to enable the Polish economy active participation in international exchange of goods and services.

It is going to be achieved by:

  • maintaining the quality management system according to the standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and standard PN-EN 45011:2000 and permanent improvement of its effectiveness,
  • fulfillment of the commitments emerging from the signed international contracts and agreements, in particularly: the Metre Convention and “Mutual recognition arrangement of national measurement standards and of calibration and measurement certificates issued by national metrology institutes” (CIPM MRA),
  • obtaining the status of the notified body (JN 1440) to the directives NAWI and MID.

Strategic objectives of Central Office of Measures:

  • assuring high professional level of all performed tasks, especially in the field of calibration and testing works, preserving measurement
  • traceability in the international measuring system frames, as well as the professional measurement instruments evaluation within the notified body acting as a part of the European system of conformity assessment,
  • assuring the international recognition of the Polish national standards and issued calibration certificates,
  • active participation in the system of conformity assessment of goods – measuring instruments.
  • constant improving of the management system and increasing the competences of the personnel.

The mentioned above strategic objectives are realized through:

  • building and maintaining the high level national standards of the measuring units,
  • development of the technical infrastructure and measurement methods,
  • constant and active cooperation with metrological organizations and institutions inPolandand abroad as well as the participation in international interlaboratory comparisons,
  • ensuring reliability, impartiality and privacy in relation to metrological services and customers of the Central Office of Measures,
  • building customer confidence to the quality of metrological services performed by the institution, with the goal to achieve the customer satisfaction,
  • the employees of Central Office of Measures are not involved in any kind of activity, which could decrease customer confidence to their competence, impartiality and reliability,
  • to aim for professional satisfaction of employees through constant monitoring of their scope of competences to perform entrusted tasks and their needs to increase professional qualifications and enabling constant increasing professional qualifications,
  • engagement of the Management of the Institution and the manager of the organisational units impermanent improvement of the implemented system and its effectiveness.

All employees of the Central Office of Measures know and comply with the quality policy and rules described in the quality manual, internal regulations and related documents.

The Management declares to use all reasonable endowers to achieve that the above Policy is fully implemented.

Any organization that provides services ensures their quality and continuous improvement. According to the requirements laid out in standards, the evaluation of the functioning of GUM takes place through internal audits, conducted in all organisational sections that fall under the Quality Management System. Moreover, in order to obtain customer feedback on the quality of services provided by GUM, a customer satisfaction survey has been introduced, designed to allow the customers to express their opinions.

The functioning of the Quality Management System in the Central Office of Measures is verified in the international forum.

Technical Committee for Quality (TC-Q) of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) is provided with annual reports, which constitute basis for international acknowledgement that GUM properly exercises its tasks.

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