MoU between GUM and KazStandard

Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

On 20th October this year in Paris, a cooperation agreement was concluded between GUM and its Kazakh counterpart KazStandard (Kazakh Institute of Standardization and Metrology).

The agreement includes provisions on mutual exchange of information, training, exchange of employees, and conducting international comparisons and joint projects.

The agreement will enable mutual development and increase the possibilities of transferring knowledge by GUM employees to friendly NMIs (National Metrological Institutions), and thus becoming familiar with the solutions and measurement administration system of the leading NMI in Central Asia. In addition, an action plan was signed between our institutions, which will define in more detail the topics and dates of cooperation in individual areas.

  •  A paper of official agreement of Central Office of Measures and Kazakh Institute of Standardization and Metrology.
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