GA EURAMET was held online

Author: dr Marcin Mikiel
Published by: Kamila Szulc

On May 25-26 The 14th EURAMET General Assembly was held with the participation of the President of GUM. Due to the prevailing epidemic, the meeting was held online.

During the meeting delegates made some important decision related to EURAMET functioning:

  •  A new EURAMET president was elected - the representative of the German counterpart of GUM, PTB (Physikalish Technische Bundesantalt) Dr. Jorn Stenger. In accordance with EURAMET regulations, Dr. will start his term one year after elections.
  •  Four new members of the Board of Directors, EURAMET advisory and management body were elected. Selected members to the EURAMET are delegate from the UK. Great Britain, Sweden, Estonia, Switzerland;
  •  Chairpersons of the Technical Committees of Quality, Temperature and Interdisciplinary Metrology were elected;
  •  The seat of the MSU (management support unit) was selected. MSU is responsible for legal, administration, IT etc. EURAMET support. MSU headquarter will be  in Teddington (UK) as it is nowadays.


In addition, during the online meeting various metrology presentations was available, including future European Metrology Programs, as well as approved financial reports and documents. It was also decided that this year's planned place of the meeting, Vienna will be place of the next 15th EURAMET GA.


More information on EURAMET website

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