The 53rd CIML meeting with the participation of GUM representatives

Author: Marcin Mikiel
Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

7-12 October / In Hamburg, with the participation of the Polish delegation, the 53rd CIML meeting (International Committee of Legal Metrology) took place. The meeting was attended by over 180 participants, including about 50 representatives of the Member States.

Representatives of OIML member countries adopted resolutions concerning, among others: starting work on subsequent technical projects, amending the document regarding the OIML certification system, as well as personnel matters (the new director of the OIML Office and the vice-chairman of the Committee was elected, the term of the deputy director of the Office was extended). It should be pointed that OIML put a lot of emphasis on activities related to the assistance to countries with developing metrological systems. To this end, the meeting was accompanied by workshops on assistance tools to assess the quality of national infrastructure, including metrology.

In accordance with the resolution adopted during the meeting, the next meeting of the CIML will take place next year in Bratislava, and China will be the host of the meeting in 2020.

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