European Metrology Network – a new project of EURAMET

Author: Marcin Mikiel
Published by: Adam Żeberkiewicz

With the participation of the President of GUM Dr. Włodzimierz Lewandowski, on 9 January 2018, EURAMET workshops on European Metrology Networks (EMN) took place in Paris.

The meeting, in which representatives of EURAMET and LNE (French Metrology Institute) took part, was directed for the current and the future leaders of the networks. European Metrological Networks is an idea developed within EURAMET. The networks are intended to be an association of National Metrological Institutes and Designated Institutes from the various EURAMET member countries, conducting research on a specific project within the network - examples of the network themes are: optical clocks, food safety, laboratory medicine, gravimetry, water pollution. As we can see from the above examples, the topics of the network touch are very important, and also socially related topics. The establishment of the concept of the metrology networks resulted from the need for more intensive coordination and the creation of a sustainable european metrological infrastructure. According to the EURAMET authorities, the idea of ​​EMN gives an opportunity for the sustainable development of European metrology.

During the meeting, the concept of metrological networks covering various research fields was presented. Recognizing the chance of active participation in EMN, the Central Office of Measures takes up the challenge of joining the European Metrology Networks. The list of proposed networks for the participation of the Polish NMI will be analyzed. As a next step, it is indicated to establish working contacts with representatives of other NMI laboratories and submit the GUM to the indicated networks and in perspective to create one or more networks with the guidance of the GUM. Formally, the establishment of the European Metrology Networks will be approved during the next EURAMET General Assembly in Bucharest at the turn of May / June this year.

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